Board Members

Trent Valley Internal Drainage Board is made up of 25 members; 13 nominated by the local charging authorities and twelve elected by the drainage ratepayers for which elections are held every three years. Should you wish to become a Board member and meet the criteria, the next election will be held in 2019.

Electoral District
Members Elected

Mr D.H. Loates

Mr N J Greenhalgh

Mr R.E. Warburton


Mr D. Gash

Mr J Pask

Mr A. Arden


Mr R.J. Jackson

Mr J. Miller

Mr T.H. Farr (Vice-Chairman)

Fosse and South Notts

Mr T. Hawthorne

Mr W.J. Staunton

Fosse Sub DRO
Mrs J. Love
Local Authority
Members Appointed
Bassetlaw District Council

Cllr Mrs S Fielding

Cllr K.H. Isard

Cllr J. Naish

Gedling and Melton Borough Councils
Mr J. Evens
Newark and Sherwood District Council

Cllr Mrs L. Dales

Cllr J. Lee

Cllr Mrs S. Michael

Cllr I. Walker

Rushcliffe Borough Council

Cllr Mrs P. Gowland

Cllr Mrs C. Jeffries

Cllr K. Shaw

Cllr Mrs M. Stockwood

West Lindsey/North Kesteven District Council
Cllr P. Overton